New Board of Directors starts at skeyes

Following the appointment by the Council of Ministers, the new members of the skeyes Board of Directors take up their duties at a first meeting this week. The position of Chairman of the Board of Directors is entrusted to Mr Laurent Vrijdaghs. Four seats in the Board of Directors change hands.

The Royal Decree confirming the appointment of the directors by the Council of Ministers was published last Monday. The composition of the Board of Directors changes partially. Five of the current directors will extend their mandate: Renaud Lorand, Luc Laveyne, Julie Ludmer, Sandra Stainier and Liesbeth Van Der Auwera. Four new people join the Board: Laurent Vrijdaghs, Elisabeth Matthys, Jean Leblon and Kurt Van Raemdonck. Tanya Bruynseels, Director of the Policy Cell of Minister Georges Gilkinet, takes on the role of government commissioner.

Laurent Vrijdaghs will be the new chairman of the Board of Directors: "In recent years, skeyes has evolved into a modern, customer-oriented company and is fully committed to innovation in many areas of its operation. The aviation sector will continue to feel the consequences of the health crisis for a long time, but skeyes is ready, together with all other players, to contribute to the revival of air traffic in the coming years. This Board of Directors has all the necessary knowledge and experience to meet the many challenges with efficiency and professionalism.”

Dominique Dehaene

skeyes - Communication Manager & Spokesperson

Audrey Dorigo

Porte-Parole, skeyes

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About skeyes

skeyes ensures the safety and efficiency of air traffic in Belgium 24/7. The skeyes air traffic controllers manage over 3,000 aircraft every day, which makes up over a million flight movements per year. The autonomous public company is active at the heart of Europe, in one of the busiest and most complex sections of airspace of the continent. skeyes is active at Brussels Airport and at the airports of Antwerp, Charleroi, Kortrijk, Liège and Ostend. Thanks to its CANAC 2 control centre skeyes manages the flight movements above Belgium and a part of Luxembourg up to an altitude of 7,500 metres (*). The company relies on its nearly 900 experienced staff members who are at the service of their customers: airline companies, airports, the aviation sector and the authorities. skeyes also develops innovating services regarding drones and contributes to a sustainable future of the aviation sector, among other things with respect to the environment.

skeyes is a member of FABEC, a joint airspace block (Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Switzerland) with the aim of improving air navigation efficiency in the heart of Europe in the framework of the Single European Sky.

(*) The upper airspace of the Benelux countries and North West Germany is managed jointly with the EUROCONTROL centre in Maastricht. 


Tervuursesteenweg 303 1820 Steenokkerzeel Belgium

+32 2 206 21 11